Inertia and Drift

IF I SEE life only in black and white terms defined by my countless convictions I may accomplish a great number of things but they will not be creative, alive, and spontaneous with the spirit of God. I may accomplish a number of things that are morally praiseworthy and even grand in scale, but they will be lifeless and stale because they originated in the sterility of my own pride and prejudice.

On the other hand if I see life only in disorienting differential shades of gray then I may excel at debate and playing the Devil’s Advocate and I may impress all my friends, but between all my ranting of possibilities and theoreticals I will never utter a simple yes or no. I may even rightly believe I am extraordinarily intelligent and open-minded and a wonderful example of what a post-modern thinking person should be, but I will never accomplish anything worthwhile because I have no conviction to stir my resolve and plant my feet. The truth is that I am most likely a coward and I have no backbone and I am taking up oxygen better saved for somebody who will make a difference in the world.

I must have enough freedom of movement that the spirit may carry me aloft to wherever it pleases, and I must have enough conviction in my heart that I may stand and deliver what I was intended to be. It does me absolutely no good to make a rock of myself and spend my years buried immobile in the inertia of my prideful stubbornness, but neither does it do me any good to make of myself a piece of chaff that spends its days in aimless wandering until it decomposes.

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