The Biggest Lie of All

DEFINITIVELY, to live in spiritual darkness means to live according to a falsehood that prevents us from seeing life in terms of its underlying reality. The falsehood that confounds us may be a grand and blatant lie so gargantuan in scope that even the most casual of observers can see we are absolutely demented, or it may be a small and subtle one so clever that all people, ourselves included, are completely convinced that we are true “people of God.” Darkness can take the person who hates the very idea of a Holy God, and the person who is absolutely convinced she knows and loves God, and keep them both far from God. It can create within us a hatred so strong that we would murder another man, or it can create within us the illusion that we love all men, when the truth in either case is that we simply don’t care about them one way or the other. It can bring us to a place where we cannot tolerate the idea of truth at all, or it can deliver us to a place where we love the truth so much that we are convinced there can no longer be falsehood in us—which is the biggest lie of all.

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