Loving the World Rightly

IF I AM to live in this physical world and see it rightly, see each created thing as a manifestation of God’s glory, I must see that the world, both in its visible forms and in its hidden forms, is part of the word of God. I must then take what I see and I must love what I see; not love a particular thing as if for its own sake, but love it for the particular word or words of God it is. I do not need to love the things of this world, but I must come to dearly and passionately love the spirit of God as it shows itself to me within and through them. Once I have seen and learned to love what is before me, I must welcome this love into my heart that it may compel me to act in accord with God’s word all around me. If I cannot do this, the meaning of all these things will be lost to me and I will not hear his voice. Each utterance of God around me will fall upon my deafness and remain only a thing that exists to serve me, pleasure me, profit me, or submit its own life and death to me. I will mistake my own voice for that of God.

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