Holiness Begins in This Moment

IT IS a very easy thing, through pure motives and sincere devotions of the heart, to become completely distracted and bogged down in lamenting the interior spiritual struggles of one’s current station in life. Be a person healthy or sick, rich or poor, alone or surrounded by many, seemingly successful or seemingly in the midst of utter failure, it is easy to believe that I must first be someplace else, doing some other thing in some other way, in order to be holy. Such a conclusion can easily lead to great mental frustration and spiritual inertia. But the fact of the matter is, I must first, above all things, strive to be as holy as I can be precisely where I am. It may be quite true that ultimately I can be more holy in some other place, doing something else with my life. But it is also quite true that I most likely will never attain that particular level of holiness over there unless and until I first attain all the holiness I can where I am right now. The call of God is always for me to be holy in this very moment. The belief that I will heed that call any better in some other place and time than I do here and now is almost certainly a lie I tell myself to cover up some clever and current weakness of my own.

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