When You Ride the Train too Long

Man, have I been busy lately. Well. For a while. And now I find myself still with not a lot of time, feeling like I need to post, wanting to post a catch-all, this is what I’ve been thinking post, and not having enough time to do so. But here’s a reasonably quick one.

Consider two trains on the same track, their cabooses touching, about to head off in opposite directions on a long straight track that perfectly circles the earth. One train is the liberal train and one is the conservative train. And… off they go!

It isn’t hard to look at stuff in media, or stuff you receive in email, and notice that some folks have just plain bought hook, line and sinker into a particular way of thinking for a long time, and it’s snowballed on them. As their own locomotive picks up speed and steams off toward the horizon, they confidently wave good-bye and good riddance to the wicked “train of error” receding from their vision.

They just don’t seem to realize that soon enough, if they don’t jump off that train, it’s going to run head-on into its counterpart and the two are going to be not so far different from doppelgangers, demolished and wrapped into a giant, twisted mass of indiscernible wreckage.

I was thinking about this late last year, when the folks at the Conservative Bible Project announced they’re creating a conservative Bible that is minus, among other things, what they consider to be liberal bias. Take a look at it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this is an epic train wreck waiting to happen. I mean, these folks are intent on creating a “framework against liberal bias” they claim has distorted the original texts, but are also intent on creating a translation that will express many of Jesus’ parables with their “full free-market meaning.” This would be fairly humorous if it weren’t so serious. (And just for good measure, I am dubious of any wiki that calls itself “The Trustworthy Encyclopedia.” It’s much the same as “fair and balanced,” in my opinion.)

What got me back into thinking about this lately is an email I received a few days ago, one that I may blog about under a different title, wherein the author talks about how the truth of the doctrine of Christ is being destroyed by liberals. Later, he goes on to say that the doctrine of Christ, the truth of Christ, begins with the second chapter of Acts and excludes all of Jesus’ teaching before his crucifixion. The truth of the doctrine of Christ does not include what Jesus taught while he was alive, and that essentially we need to stop teaching from the Gospels.

I kid. You. Not.

Now, this post is made up of examples about conservatives who seriously needed to jump from the train a long time ago, but the same is true for some liberals who should have done the same thing but didn’t, either. I fully admit that. But my point is simply this: You do not have to do this. Please. You do not have to check your brain and your heart and your soul at the steps of an ideology train when the conductor checks your favorite brand of boarding pass. You’re smarter than that, and you deserve better.

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