I think my brain has successfully rebooted

Wow. In terms of workload and time resources, this year has proven to be a bit challenging. I’ve very much missed the act of composing posts, but in a rarity for me, I’ve simply been too tired to sit and write anything beyond work and school.

In order to be able to (hopefully!) graduate this coming December, I decided to take two courses this past semester. And, as the end of the semester was approaching, I was forced to change jobs; now I work for a different employer in a slightly different position than I’ve been working up until the change. I think that during the month of April and the first part of May, I slept 2-4 hours per night. It’s taken me until just recently to recover from that streak, and I don’t in any way think it was wise of me. I still have trouble remembering even the simplest of things throughout the day. The job transition has been a challenge; I’ve worked up to 50% more per week than before, with days up to 15-18 hours long. Again, not wise. But, I’m working on making a conscious effort to do what needs to be done, and say what needs to be said, in order to get some sanity back into my schedule. Most of all, I owe my wife and kids a whole lot of time and energy that they haven’t had from me in a while.

The good part of school was that one of the courses forced me to do some work on rhrn.net, and although the work got interrupted and is not yet completed, I’m reasonably happy with the outcome. At least, it’s a little bit of a step up. Now to just find the time to fill in the gaps and gets things a bit smoothed out. We’ll see how it progresses.

Thanks for hanging with me. I always get a kick when I learn that people actually follow this blog.

Blessings to you and yours…

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