About rhrn.net

The problems of humanity will never be solved by thinking in terms of who and what God hates. Only love will solve the problems of Man, and only love will solve your problems and mine.

rhrn.net is dedicated to the belief that God longs for the greatest possible good in all of life’s circumstances, and that our purpose is to work toward this good by sharing with one another the beauty of God’s love through grace, mercy and compassion. I hope that here, we can help one another recognize, accept, and lovingly overcome our many forms of poverty — be they physical, emotional, or spiritual.

There is an endless variety of ways in which you and I can begin to make this a reality, and they depend on the unique gifts, interests and passions you and I have been given. I like to learn and teach. I like to write. I am fascinated by religion and culture. I search for people lost in the desert floors and mountains of New Mexico. I love turtle hatchlings and Spadefoot froglets. The unique ways in which we each express our love on earth don’t matter as much as the fact that we simply and humbly engage and act in the world. Doing so by following our own unique passions, and in a way that admits to a sense of holiness in the world, is the path that makes the most sense to me.But we can’t wait for others to tell us what to do; our acts of love necessarily must begin with us. Most of them are found in the very simplest forms of kindness and compassion. What they have in common is that they all begin in the present time and place. As has been famously said, the kingdom of God is among you. In other words, it is right here, right now.